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The Payoff

A trick, or a solution?

A hundred dollars might seem like the solution for all your needs

but is only a short term solution

It is like the kid with his finger in the hole of the dyke

The hole will continue to get larger and larger without skilled expert help

Everthing they worked so hard to keep will be destroyed

Property, homes, livelihood and families

Jesus Christ died for us, shed his blood for us, that we could have eternal life

But thats not all

He lived on this earth to know exactly what it feels like to walk in our shoes and wants to help up, guide us, strengthen us, and take care of us

But don't take our word for it, come join us in worshipping Jesus and you can meet him yourself


Service Times

Sunday: 10:00 AM & 6:00 PM *

Wednesday * : 7:00 PM - Bible Study - Powerhour - Youth

Monday: 6:00 PM - Family Prayer Night

* Nursery is available for babies to 4 years old *


------- 2015 National Deaf Conference --------

Presented by:
United Pentecostal Church International Deaf Evangelism
July 20, 2015 - July 24, 2015
Hosted by:
Apostolic Assembly Church
Anamosa, Iowa

To see more information about the conference or to register click



A Word From Our Pastor

Rev Clayton George

picture of Pastor - Rev Clayton George

Dear Friend:

We greet you in that saving name of Jesus Christ.

The Apostolic Assembly of Anamosa is a friendly Church with old-fashioned beliefs about Christianity. We hold the two golden rules of Mark 12:28-34 in very high esteem.

The first rule. To love God in every aspect of our lives. This is why we have several services a week that preach and teach how you can have Christ's love, joy, and victory in your home and life. We have had the privilege of seeing people physically and emotionally healed, marriages restored, and happiness put back in the lives of those who had no hope. We have found the secret of happiness and that is to make Jesus Christ the center of your life.

The second golden rule is to love people. This is why, besides being a family oriented Church, with a great closeness and care for one another, we also care about the people of our community. We minister to the young and old, the married and single, the rich and poor of our towns and are involved in community activities.

We Care.

We would like to invite you to join us in worship, and hope you will in the near future. If you need a ride, please call us.